Technology of Slot Machines

Numbers in Random

In current slot gaming machines the actual reel are being presented visually in a video. The actual spin of the reel does not actually affect to where the reel will stop for these reels are programmed in chips found in the computer's software. It is the Random Number Generator (RNG) which is responsible for choosing the stop of the reel as well as the odds. This new development in slot machines banishes the beliefs that chances in hitting a win in these slot machines are directly proportional to the amount betted. Slot machines have become more credible and remain the top choice of entertainment because of this RNG.

Random number generator works by determining the possible number of stops and odds of the reel which are generated in thousands of times by the specially designed software of the computer. There's no way of predicting these possibilities. The result of the game for a certain period would not be exactly the same as the result played afterwards though same factors are applied like the amount you betted and how you play the game. There could also be possibilities that the game played a while ago will equally result with the recent although the factors involved are changed in each game. is considered to be the most well-known hazard game among players.

Percentage of Payout

Percentages of payout in slot machines vary in different places as imposed by law within the area of jurisdiction. Normally, the amount of percentage range from 82-98% (theoretical percentage).

Factors involved in determining the percentage of payout in a certain area depends on the game machine's winning combinations, amount betted, and the number of times this winning combination appear. The percentage is deliberately computed and given to the house (owner of the casino) and the remaining amount which is the winning amount of the wager is paid out to him.

To clarify things out, consider the following example;

"Suppose a single spin in a slot machine costs $2. In the long run of playing 2,000,000 spins are generated and giving the bettor only $1,700,000. In this case the machine is paying out 85%. The other fraction which is $300,000 will be kept by the house."

Operators of these slot machines have implemented some units to other areas. These units can be monitored by linking the units to the others located afar. For this situation, percentages of payout are being charged to the main branch rather than to the unit itself. These are applicable and are being utilized by operators with wide coverage of slot machines.

Other operators are offering fixed percentage of payout to attract more customers. This is part of their marketing strategy to boost more income in every unit of slot machine.

Linking the Slot Machines

Another marketing strategy of slot machine operators is to link or connect a certain group of slot machines to one another so as to come up with a greater jackpot prize. This is done by collecting the jackpot prize in each unit and combining them. The big amount at stake will surely encourage gamers to play more to get the prize. As more gamers are playing more profits are coming in for the operators. This is always favorable in the part of the operators. This set up sometimes entails a little problem with the operators coming in and going out in casinos. To solve this, casino operators lease the slot machine and in turn they are liable for payment of jackpots gained from that particular machine they rented.

Slot machines games which are not connected with the other machines located in other regions prominently offer a greater pay out percentage. Examples of these are the slot machines of Megabucks. They have been noted recently to give the highest progressive jackpot prize ever in the history of slot machines gaming.

"I almost won" (near-miss program)

This program is designed to give players the thrill of thinking that they "almost" won the game. Encouraging them to play more and hoping to win the next round.

Since the winning combinations are programmable you can set the odds into near to winning patterns. Say, the jackpot winning pattern is "5-5-5", the machine could be designed to always display "5-5-(non-5)". This can create a feeling of perseverance in the part of the player making him hooked on the game. This program, however, is the kind of program operators do not want the players to know. This are another marketing and promotional slot machine strategies of operators to enhance players and bettors to engage in gamingfrequently.

This program of fooling the player that he almost wins is commonly referred to as near-miss program. This has been quoted illegal in the states of New Jersey and Nevada. A review on this breaking news had been conducted by the NGC (Nevada Gaming Commission) and later on leads to pulling out of slot machines programmed with "near-miss".

This kind of program is unfair to the gamers. They have invested on playing the game hoping to hit the jackpot prize and yet all along they have been fooled by this program. Operators are fairly gaining on these slot machines from people in all walks of life. Another fooling program installed in some slot machines is programming the winning combination's pay line. Both form of programming are considered illegal. These game machines must be impounded to keep the credibility of slot machines in high standards.

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