Slots Cheating

Many forms of cheats have been evolving in many casinos. Such fraud has been prohibited by law and anyone caught doing so will be punished accordingly. Slot machines comprise mainly the 80% of the casino's growing business. It absolutely means that slot machines incomes define the status of the casino.

History of Cheats

It was Tommy Glenn Carmichael who made a name in the world of cheating slot machines. He was very smart in creating and utilizing the cheat engines he had deliberated. Among his inventions are the monkey paw and the top-bottom joint. These devices had produced millions of dollars to his pocket. He had been the slot machines worst invader collecting numerous payouts in a time. From then on, because of these scenarios, slot machines invasions, all eyes are on him especially casino owners and the police. Casinos had been losing profits because of him. After a while he had been caught and put into jail.

Beating the Cheats

Manufactures of slot machines have developed an antidote to all cheats discovered. This is to protect the millions of dollars amount of money inside the machines. Their profits have been greatly affected during the time of evolution of cheat devices. Aside from using cheat devices, common style of cheating a slot machine is to jerk it off hardly. Machines are said to payout when its system has been destabilized.

All these cheats now are impossible to happen with all the digital and sensitive cameras all over the casino's vicinity and strict patrolling within the place. Although some have tried to cheat again new security measures have been added to the place regularly. This is to make sure cheaters can no longer utilize the machines in their end.

There was an instance though those slugs have been inserted in the machine instead of casino chips. This kind of cheat has worked only for a certain period of time. The owners and manufacturers of the slot machines have developed a cheat blocker which scans the coin inserted. Legal coins have the same size and weight thus preventing other kind of coins to run the slot machine.

Another way to beat all these cheats is to install security passwords on the slot machines. In this way, only the manufacturer and the authorized casino personnel can open the machine if needed. Even there is a strict implementation of security measures being applied cheaters are always encourage to go cheating. Movies have been giving them ideas on how to cheat. However, so long as cheaters evolve the manufacturers will never stop developing answers to stop the cheating processes.

With the technology today, one can always expect cheats to happen. Over and over, these people who want to gain millions of dollars in an instant. With the technology today, too, manufacturers will develop anti-cheat programs.

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