Player Cards

This player cards are highly recommended. You can trade these cards for free lodging, shows and food as comps. Use your cards as often as you like to get these incentives they are giving away. Other privileges even include a payback for your gameplay. There's no such thing as these cards are affecting the payouts you are getting. Those who believe in this are merely missing out the good and free incentives the casino offers. This is the best card ever!

Slot Machine Tables

Observing closely the pay tables of the slot machines will give you an idea how these games are frequently declaring winners. Smaller wins from many combinations basically give you greater chances of hitting a winner combination rather than those lesser winning combinations with high paybacks. Some opt to win smaller paybacks but when accumulated the result is still big profit.

Bet Maximum Amounts

Bet the highest number of coins possible in progressive slot machine games. The jackpot prize come from the jackpot prizes in every machine placed in other areas or casinos. These kinds of slot machines are highly played by many people because of the great pot money they get to win. If you opt to wager smaller bets don't play with these machines. Your chances of winning are minimal.


Colors of the candles, found atop of the machines, signifies the slot machines' denomination. Blue candles for dollar, nickel for red and yellow for quarters. This color coding of denomination has helped a lot of players in choosing their choice of the slot game.

Keep your Winnings

Most players who have won especially big amounts are excited to bet some more. This is a "don't" in playing a game. In no time you will realize that the amount you have won are returned back to the casino again. That is awful! When you win a jackpot try to take a break. In this way, your urge to play on cuts off. Once cut off you can clearly think now that you betted to win a prize and now you have it. Players are attracted to bet on more because of the prize. You must have to consider that you cannot have it all at once.

Keep a Record

Make sure to keep your log accurately. The IRS will take a report of your winning and W2-G will be given to you. Keep track of your records since you can use these records to balance your losses when taxing time comes.

Take Time

Take your time when playing a slot machine game. Think as you play. The faster you play without thinking the faster your money will go to the house. There's no reward for being the fastest player, anyway.

Money Management

Managing your money is the best tip to consider when in a casino. Never go beyond your bankroll or your whole budget will be affected. If possible try to leave your money intended for other expenses and bring only the amount you want to gamble in the casino. Believe it, this trick would surely save you from worries afterwards.

Cash Out

Don't forget to cash out your money after playing the game. Avoid situations such as walking to the cash out center with chips on your hand piling up. You can never tell you might slip and lose all the money you just gained. In case of vouchers try to cash them out as soon as possible because they have expiration dates which you might regret if you cashed it out after the expiration period.

RNG Scams

There have been scams going out about the RNG. They will sell you a program that you can use in playing slot machines to hit the jackpot prize. These are indeed cheating machines. Always remember that there is no better feeling in winning the honest and fair way.


Enjoy yourself while playing the slot machine games. You have come to the casino to have some fun. Playing over your bankroll will simply ruin your day. Therefore, choose a game machine that will suit your budget and at the same time you will enjoy yourself on it.

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