Online Slots

Good thing about online casinos is that their payout percentages range more or less 95% in every slot played individually. This kind of payout is really hard to find in land-based or offline slot machine games. They only pay about 90% of payout. In short, if you play on online slot games you have a better chance of 5% of hitting the jackpot. However, the houses at online casinos are still getting the 2-5% of the payout but even if so online slot games still offer better payout than those slot machine games found in the land-based casinos.

Online gamblers primarily play online slots among other games found in gambling sites. The presentation and graphic features of these slot games are eye-catching and very interesting. Even the attention of table players are captured by these slot games and ended up trying them. Unlike in land-based casinos, slot machines games player or a table gambler chooses casinos with reputation but in online casinos it's a bit different. Online gamers are looking for the software brand or manufacturer of the slot games. This will give them the assurance that they are playing on a legitimate game. Even if the site is legit there would be possibilities that the games posted are not frauds. So, by looking for software manufacturers of the game is the best way of knowing a game's authenticity.

Legitimate software of online slot games are manufactured mainly by four brands namely, Cryptologic, Microgaming, Playtech and Odds On Gaming. These brands have been gaining positive feedbacks and known for reputable gaming payouts. Below are short descriptions of these four software brands and the kinds of games they offer.

Cryptologic SlotGames

Sophisticated and highly entertaining games are mainly offered by this brand of software. This software gives the player the feeling of actual playing in real casinos. The games offered are severely for infinite internet bandwidthonly to really enjoy the game and have a good time of playing. Since Cryptologic software is substantial dial ups will simply ruin your mood of playing for it takes time to download all these games. But if your internet bandwidth is infinite you will be surprised with the effects and special features these games have to offer. This software has become more interesting when Marvel Comics characters are incorporated in the games. They have made their name in the internet and become best of the best slot games ever there are! Boredom is really out of the way when playing their games. The company has deliberately invented these games with high sophistication and proficiency but with easy instructions and very self-involving features.

Cryptologic Marvel Comic Slots include:

  • Thor
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • The Silver Surfer

Microgaming Slot Games

Microgaming Company has been noted for the most slot games in the internet. They offer a wide variety of games for different preferences of playing moods. The instructions for every game are player- friendly since these instructions are easy to understand. They also feature a preview of every game once downloaded. An easy-to-follow tutorial will help you on the basics of the game. The jackpot prizes, the kind of coin to be utilized, and how to maximize your bet are all included in the video tutorials. You can never go wrong with these games. The Microgaming software has made it easy for the players to win prizes on slot games. The games they offer are tremendously increasing since 4 new slot games are added every month. This software has been a favorite of every online slot player.

Playtech Software

The games featured by this software are mainly table games like live dealer and blackjack before. To keep up with its competitors an extensive range of video slot games has been introduced.As part of their improvement in technology they cater not only table games but slot games as well. Though this company is still advancing their games they, however, received positive feedbacks from players. Over the years Playtech has equaled its advancements regarding video slot games with the primers Microgaming and Cryptologic online slot games software.

Odds On Gaming

This casino software features the most hottest and up to date slot games. This ambitious software, as what they quote this company, is used to be substandard in many niches. The games they offer way back are a mileage of craps. They seem to imitate the games and styles of Microgaming but cannot do it equally. In fact, their newly upgraded software features video slot games with graphical presentation just like the works of Microgaming-the symbols used, sound effects and all.Features of Playtech games are said to be included also in Odds On Gaming Company with the many symbols and animations Playtech is known for. Somehow, this software is good since they have developed their games to attract more gamblers and cater slot gamers by large. Recently, a report shows that Odds On Gaming has already surpassed Playtech in entertaining players. This is a good start for Odds On Gaming after all the negative issues about the company.

There you have it! If you plan to go online casino games try to look for trusted software. These varieties of software offer the same excitement and thrill you get from playing slot games in real casinos. You will be greatly entertained in the comfort of your home. These can ultimately save you from surfing and be fooled with regards to payouts. Try browsing the games offered in all software and find one that perfectly suits your mood of playing.

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