Slots Machines

Slot machines are extremely played by almost everyone but only a few think how they work. Below are some explanations on how these types of slot machines basically work. Note that we are only referring here with actual slot gaming machines.


The moment that you trigger the button the reel begins to turn (the technology for ever yslot machine is practically the same). Each stop of the real corresponds to a certain number. You will know the chances of hitting the jackpot if you know the total stops for each reel. For slot machines that pay larger amount of jackpots, getting odds is quite considerable since the number of reel stops also becomes big. Odds are the chances of not hitting the winning top payout. To fully understand how old slot machines works refer and study the table below.

Number of Stop Per Reel


20 (20X20X20)


40 (40X40X40)


60 (60X60X60)


The number of reels in the slot machines is directly proportional with the odds. This means that the greater the number of reels in the slot machine chances of not hitting the jackpot also increases. This is how the old type of slot machine works.

New developments of these slot machines are being installed. These are regulated by a computer chip.Manipulating or controlling the stops of the reel and predicting the oddsis out of the question. Reel stops are regulated in random thus small amount bettors have chances of winning great payouts,too.


This is the latest development in modern slot machines. This type of slot machine is very much alike with the traditional slot machine but presented in visualization effects and is more sophisticated. They only differ in a way that this that video slot machine has a virtual reel. That is, not the actual reel but only graphical representation of it. This machine is basically controlled by computer programmed software and regulated using the RNG (random number generators). This RNG produce thousands of numbers in every second which determine the possible stop of the reel. This is how it works; after pushing the button the virtual reel starts to spin just like the actual reels. The chips in software read the exact stop of the reel, which are thousands of possibilities, and the virtual reel stop to the slot generated by the RNG.

What's good about this video slot machine is that the amount you bet is not directly proportional to the odds you can get. Even bettors who wager in 3 or 5 slots can win the jackpot payout.Since this video slot machine is programmed the way you play does not affect the reels and the percentage payout.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot slot machine is not linked to any other slot game. Although it has the same mechanics with the video slot machine its top prize is not fixed. A percentage of your coins betted are added to the prize of the winning combinations. This kind of slot machine has usually a meter in front showing the jackpot. Jackpots in this game are normally lower compared to the other slot machines. However, you can always give it a shot to try this kind of slot machine. Aside from the purpose of winningyou can truly be entertained with is game machine.

There are two kinds of progressive jackpot machines. These are the in-house progressive and the wide area progressive. In-house progressive are basically owned by the casino and connected with the other units of progressive slot machines. On the other hand, wide area progressive slot machines are paying out multi-million dollars. These machines are usually owned by an independent operator linked to other casinos.

You will be truly entertained with these kinds of game machines. The best thing to consider, of course, is that there's no way of cheating on these slot machine games since they are pre- programmed in a computer's software and designed to get a certain percentage on the amount betted. Slot machine is the top most form of entertainment for many people nowadays. They are very amusing and very addicting as well.

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